Poinciana strives to be as local, organic and eco-friendly as possible. We care deeply about where our ingredients come from. Our philosophy is to forge relationships with the farmers and suppliers in our local community whose practices emphasise quality and responsibility.


We also keep in mind the need for all our practices to be cost effective, for you and for us. We frequently take advantage of the large range of locally grown, fresh produce available in the Byron Shire Region.


Every choice we make-about who we work with, what we serve, and what we stand for- affects the bigger picture: the health of the planet.


Nutrient-rich soil reduces the need for pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, buying locally reduces vehicle emissions from transportation, and humane animal husbandry means diminished reliance on antibiotics. As we strive each day to be better, we keep in mind that everything is connected.


“Great cooking starts with great ingredients.
And great ingredients start with great farmers.” 


-Chef Kahlil Perazzo